A House of Faith

For dinner we had Carne Asada with fresh steamed yellow squash and tomatoes from the garden and homemade zucchini chocolate chip bread and twice baked potatoes.



This year our theme is “A House of Faith”

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You can't see it very well, but the banner says "A House of Faith"

It comes from D&C Section 88 where we are taught to seek diligently out of the best books, to learn by study, and also by faith, and then in the next verse it talks about establishing a house of God, listing several characteristics, including A House of Faith.


Wyatt gave us some remarks at dinner about how we can’t build a house without a blue print, or a plan. If we want to build a house of faith, we need to plan for it! We talked about things we do to establish a house of faith, including saying our prayers morning and night, reading the scriptures together as a family, and having Family Home Evening. Our greatest goal as parents is to teach our children the principles of God that will bring them happiness and personal peace.

For the table I made some boquets using flowers from the yard.

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I love, love, love this tradition. I cannot wait until we can do this as a family tradition each school year (For I will be stealing this idea.)

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