First Day of Preschool


Every day for the past two weeks Calvin has asked:

How many more days until preschool?

Because he’s been so very excited.

This morning was the day, and he showed up at my bedside at five minutes to seven with his self-chosen first day clothes. He was ready to go by 7:15. Then all he had to do was wait.

Wait for Olivia to get up and ready. Wait for breakfast to be over, and family prayer and study. Wait for mom and dad to eat their breakfasts and wait for Andrew and Everett to get dressed.


And then finally we all piled into the car and drove up to preschool, where Cal was the first one there. He was thrilled to look around, tell Mrs. Sheri about his summer, and enjoy the first day of school attention of pictures and praises. Then other kids started to come, Fischer and Grady and Kirtland and Max, all his best friends.

He’s going to have such a great year! I’m going to miss my super-Cal.

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