The Boy and His Brother


Everett loves Calvin.

Calvin told me "Mom, this is the perfect smile!"

Theirs is a love/brother relationship. Full of cuddles and fighting and “battles” and make-believe. They have so much fun together. Everyone has a place in Everett’s universe, and everyone is important in their own way. But Calvin seems to hold a special grip on that boys heart. He follows him around, repeating everything he says, doing everything he does, liking everything he likes, and disliking everything he hates.


Then Ejo jumps in front of the camera and gives me the same smile! Silly boys!

This week as Everett has been potty training, he has faithfully shared each gummy fish he’s received with his big brother Cal. And this morning, when he’d already been on the potty twice, he came in a third time, and refused to get off until he had pooped just enough to earn one more gummy fish “for Calvin.”

It is so sweet. I really hope they will be best friends all of their lives.

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