It’s Time to PAAAAR-TAY!

It’s the weekend before Halloween, so really, what do I expect?!

Grady, Cal, Fisher and Everett
Grady, Fisher, Calvin and Barrett

Friday Calvin and his preschool class went on a field trip to Gardiner Village to see the witches. What fun!


Friday afternoon we went to the Cottonwood Heights community Halloween party.

Friday night we went to a trunk-or-treat at a mortuary in Murray (creepy, right?!).

Saturday morning Calvin went to a birthday party for his little buddy, Barrett.


Saturday afternoon we had Olivia’s friend-birthday-party. Pinata’s and pumpkin painting – spectacular!

After not letting me take his picture all morning, Everett finally came home, sat himself down on the fireplace and told me he was ready! What a turkey!
I love this picture even though it was framed poorly - because I was laughing with them instead of paying attention to the photography. Oh well.
I love this pic - I have ideas for it . . . more on that later.

Sunday was Kylie’s farewell, so we went over to their house afterwards for treats and friends!

Sunday night was our family-birthday-party for Olivia. Happy birthday sweet goose!

My kids are maxed out on sugar, and it’s not even Halloween yet! They all collapsed at bedtime in sheer exhaustion, without any fight.

I’m following close behind.

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