The Little Lovelies

Little Roo-Bee

Roo enjoyed some red-vines . . . lovely boy.

He is such a tease. This morning he took Everett’s blanket on purpose, and just held it, ready to run, looking at Everett, and laughing!

He giggles constantly. He is my little yellow personality. I even video-recorded his giggles the other day. They are so contagious.

But he also thinks he’s at least as old, and as big, as any other kid in our house. He insists on being in the thick of it — what ever ‘it’ is. This can cause frustration for both him and me as I have to drag him, literally kicking and screaming, from some activities


Everett, dear . . .


I was cuddling and tickling the little boy one morning. At one point he said his heart fell out. I said something in response to this. And then he looked at me, and emphatically said: “No, I don’t have a heart!”


But of course, that’s not true.

Ejo and Daisy curled up on our floor.

We went to St. George last weekend. We were about four of the five hours into the drive when Everett piped up, as if the world was coming to the end, and asked:

“But what about my Daisy?”

We tried to explain that Daisy was safe at home, in the care of a neighbor boy. But Everett’s concerns were not satisfied, and he worried all weekend long.


And then there’s Calvin.

Calvin and daddy at the Jazz game.

Today he returned home from school – his valentines party. In his hands he carried a sugar cookie, as big as his head, with two small bites taken from the bottom.

He handed the treat over to Everett. He saved it for him, because he knew he would like it.


On Monday morning I went to the basement to retrieve Calvin for breakfast. I found him in his room, putting the last thing away so his whole room would be clean for the day. Good boy.

And when he came up for breakfast he told me: “You know what I decided mom? That I will be just like Heavenly Father.”


Goose-Girl . . .

lost her second tooth this week. The tooth fairy is officially employed at our house.

She wants to dress herself. I try to encourage outfits that . . . well, at least match. But she is determined to have her way, and all I can do is sigh, and try to encourage again. On Monday she wore sequins, stripes, polka dots, plaid and argyle. All in one outfit. This morning I could not convince her to try anything besides her maroon skirt, hot pink sweater, and fire-engine-red shoes . . . because it’s almost Valentines day.

But on the other hand, a little fashion independence never hurt anyone.


She is making her valentines box for school. In this, I feel like awesome-mom. No, I’m NOT making it for her. But I am helping her brainstorm ideas and implementation, explaining techniques that she can try, and then helping her as she tries them. I think her box will be rad. She does too.


I may not be fashion mom, but I am “craft-technique-resource” mom.

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