Truth according to Andrea (don’t get me started on that statement) . . .

I believe (and have always believed) that our children watched us before they came to earth. They learned from us, before we knew we were teaching them. I have always believed this.

And so it should come as no surprise that Olivia loves to rollerskate. She learned it from her mamma, in heaven, when she would watch me and Anna roll down the hill from the back door of the yellow house, down the long, long driveway to shoot out from the trees out into the street, never stopping, and try to get across the street and down the widow’s driveway without getting hit by a car.

She probably watched us for entire afternoons, and couldn’t wait for her turn . . .


Now it’s her turn. She has been practicing her skating at every opportunity. She’s made Wyatt take her to his office where the smooth marble floors of the lobby make a perfect rink. She made sure to pack them along for a weekend in St. George, where no snow would impede her practice around the sidewalks. And our small kitchen has filled in for a bigger arena for her to perfect her slide, slide, roll techniques.

And so on Thursday, for mommy-daughter-date-night I thought she would love a trip to . . . Classic Rollerskating Rink. The same rink I rolled round and round in as a teenager.

And love it she did.

After our evening of nachos and cotton candy and skating around the rink in games of freeze tag and dancing like zombies, we came home.

As she climbed into bed she said we should go there again, but with Calvin, because he would have so much fun riding his scooter there. And she could take a friend.

“Would you have more fun there with a friend?” I asked.

She thought for a moment, and then confessed. “Yes, because then I would have someone to talk to.”



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ha ha! Classic skating, I went there as a youngster too. How fun! She is such a darling girl. She still looks a lot like Wyatt to me…only much cuter.

Grandma Christensen

This brought lots of memories back to me. When I was growing up in Idaho Falls we had a roller skating rink that was owned by relatives. We went often and enjoyed just plan skating and the games and whip the tail, etc. I think I still have the old white skates in their very own red suitcase.

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