Garden Journal 2013 – Starting Seeds

I’ve started my early seeds. This is the first year being on-top-of-my-life enough to add gardening to my list this early. So I’ve never planted/tried these things before. This year we are planting peas, beans, lettuce, and thyme as our early spring plants. Today I put the seeds in little cups of warm water to soak for a day or two before I put them outside. I have read this speeds up the germination time, and since I am technically almost two weeks late in my planting, I will need all the help I can get!

I am planting –

Burpee Garden Bean Kitchen King
Burpee Pea Super Sugar Snap
Burpee Pea Burpeeana Early
Burpee Lettuce Caesars Favorite
Burpee Lettuce Green Ice
Mountain Valley Seeds Thyme

All of the Burpee Seeds I bought at Walmart a few weeks ago. The Thyme – I think – is from Sharon Stewart, my visiting teacher.

So, anyhoo- I am soaking the seeds. With the Lettuce, I will continue on with the method described here:

I planted 6 types of lettuce this year, using the pre-soak method. First I soaked them in little bowls of water overnight. Then I put each type on a moist paper towel and layered those on a plastic plate & covered it all with a plastic bag. Within 48 hours all of them had germinated! So I put two of each type into inside fiber pots, (I wanted to start 25 plants inside for transplanting later, to get a jump start since the weather has been so cold lately) and the leftovers into one large container close together to use as cut-and-come again baby lettuce. So simple!



Last year I did this same thing and had more delicious lettuce then I knew what to do with. OK, well that’s not quite true- I had a party and we ate it all! 🙂

Here is a link that might be useful: picture of last fall’s lettuce


The rest of the seeds I will put into the ground tomorrow. (Except the Thyme – I might try the lettuce method on the thyme too because the seeds are so tiny).

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