I’ll Carry Your Rock
A Story About Calvin


Last week we went up to Oakley, and the kids were having a great time playing in the river. Roo especially was enjoying throwing rocks into the water.

We were on a walk and Roo stopped to pick up a very big rock for such a little guy. As we continued on our way, Calvin, who had been helping Roo all along, went to hold Roo’s hand. But his hands were otherwise occupied carrying this big stone.

Calvin bent over to him, and in his sweetest voice said:

“Here, Roo, I will carry your rock for you. But I won’t take it away.”


My heart swelled at this little comment –

Here is my sweet boy, helping his little brother walking on a trail that otherwise would be difficult for such a little thing. And then his difficult journey is only amplified by this rock he now has to carry. But his big brother is willing to help him . . . to hold his hand, and to carry his burden with him.

I so hope that they will always do that for each other; carry each other when the path is too tough and make each others burdens bearable.


Of course Roo wouldn’t give up his rock. We are all like that at times, I’m afraid.

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