An Afternoon at the Zoo – The Summer Chronicles


One fine summer afternoon we were invited by our friends Stacey, Kate, and Chloe to go to the zoo. Unfortunately I had to decline since we don’t have a zoo pass this year. But then Stacey told me her pass got in not only her family, but enough people that my entire family could go too!

Kate is one of Olivia’s favorite friends at school and in our neighborhood.

So off we went to brave the 100 degree heat of a July afternoon spent wandering the Hogle Zoo.

This is Chloe, Everett just LOVES her. She is so nice, and he is such a sensitive soul, he appreciates nice.
The zoo was having a “Lego” exhibit, where there were lego creations around the zoo, including these photo panels.


The zoo was under construction so about half of it was closed. That might be a good thing since then it was only half as big to walk around (remember, it was over 100 degrees that day!) but then the part that was open was the hilly bottom half. So we had to walk up and down hills to get to the various exhibits – very hot. Still, there were water features and places to sit in the shade every so often. And I thoroughly believe children do not feel it like the grown-ups do, because they didn’t seem nearly as concerned with the hot as with seeing the next animal!

It was really a fun afternoon, and I’m grateful to Stacey for the invite. It was a great summer day!


My only disappointment in the afternoon was that the polar bear wasn’t in his exhibit. The zoo got the polar bear about a year ago, just after our last pass expired, so we’ve never seen it. And we still haven’t! This lego statue was as close as we got.

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