Calvin’s First Day of Kindergarten


A week after school started for Olivia, kindergarten began for my Super Cal.


He was so excited, but much more demure about the whole thing than Olivia. He chose his clothes, packed his backpack, and answered in the affirmative when asked if he was excited, and in the negative if asked if he was nervous. He seemed to have a really good handle on the concept of kindergarten. He seemed to have confidence that he would do well, and would be right at home with all his little buddies.


The morning of school he woke bright and early. Olivia was determined to help him through the ropes, carefully explaining what things would be like at school, helping him get his backpack ready, even insisting that he sit next to her (as opposed to his buddies) for his first day on the bus. The whole thing was very sweet.


Of course we walked him to the bus stop, waved him on with both excitement and sadness, then jumped in the car to go to the school and see him off the bus for more pictures and congratulations.


I can’t believe Calvin is off to school already. Where does the time go?

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