The Widow’s Mite and the Mother’s Might

“The Widows Mite” painting by James Christensen

There is the parable of the widows mite –

in my mind a tale of the importance of generosity,

of humility,

of sacrifice.

Of financial effort to build the kingdom of God.

A testimony of tithing, of blessings, of the rolling forth of the Good Word.

An invitation to give all that we have in our temporal world, that we may gain in the eternities.


But this summer another truth has whispered to my heart.
And there is the beauty of the words of the Savior – to one is given one truth,
and to another, another.
Each in their time and season.

“The Responsible Woman” painting by James Christensen


And to me – the understanding of the Widow’s Mite has become an understanding of a Mother’s might. It is more than just giving all that we have, more than just a consecration of our earthly blessings as testament to our eternal faith.

It is to give all that we have in our souls; more than we can bear, and then giving more again.

It is the call of motherhood, to dig deep, find more strength, more courage, more will to chose to do right in the moment, and more humility to fail and still, try again.

In giving all that I have as a mother – more than I am – more than I could ever be on my own, yet somehow all that I am with the help of unseen hands –

in doing this, I feel the promised blessings of those who give to the building up of the Kindgom of God – not in some abstract of the future, but in the now – in this eternity.

And that is a tender mercy of the Lord.



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