This is Halloween


This month I’ve felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off – I’ve been to busy that Halloween really snuck up on me!

Last week I finally made the kids nail down their costumes – decide what they want to be and then find who we could borrow what from (time to go shop for the costumes – HA!)

Olivia chose to be an Indian and borrowed a dress from our neighbor down the street. Calvin chose to be the Hulk and borrowed his costume from his friend’s brother. Everett wanted to be the blue monster again, and Roo is just the right size for the turkey costume. After all the costumes were assembled on Wednesday, I determined that we’d go take Halloween pictures after school on Thursday. It was my last moment of opportunity because Friday we had Olivia’s birthday party, Saturday we were swamped with other activities, and after that the weather was supposed to turn.

Thursday got hectic fast though as three different families asked me to babysit. I said yes to all three, but explained that I HAD to be done at 3:30 because I had to run some important errands.

I guess I could have not done Halloween pictures this year, but one of my fears is being “that mom” – the one who has a billion pictures of the older kids, but none of the younger ones. I already struggle to keep up with as many pics of the younger ones. But I am trying, and this is a tradition I didn’t want to break for Everett and Roo’s sake.

Anyhoo, that is a very long story to explain these very adorable pictures. Here are our Halloween pictures, 2013.






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