Stories about the Little Lovelies


There have been a few really great stories about the kid-a-roos these days . . .


She came home the other afternoon to see the new Ensign and Friend sitting unopened on the counter with the pile of mail. She was so excited to open it. She told me: “This is perfect, because I’m teaching my friend at school about the gospel. I’m going to prepare a lesson for her.”

My little missionary girl XOXO


One evening all three boys were in trouble with their daddy at the same time for various offenses. They all took time-outs in the hallway. Afterwards at dinner we were talking about consequences, as Wyatt was trying to explain to Roo about choices (he’s new to time-out . . . I know, 2 1/2 – the youngest child! Other littles were trained on the technique of time out long before this!) —

Anyhoo, Wyatt asked Calvin what a consequence was, and he turned to his little brothers and explained:

“It’s like this: You do the crime, you do the time!”

LOL, I don’t know where they pick this stuff up.


And Everett:

We were in my room with the tv on but I wasn’t watching (changing Roos bum), and Ev keeps saying “mom, look!! It’s so beautiful! Look!”

Finally I look up just as the commercial changes. Everett says “it was so beautiful” and I’m thinking it must have been a car commercial or something… You know, where the car is cruising thru a really beautiful forest or something. So I rewind the tv 30 seconds….

And it’s a BRA COMMERCIAL!! With some girl twirling around in a slinky satin bra!! …. And Everett just watches in admiration, saying in awe,”it’s so beautiful, mom!”

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