The Books We Read

I thought I should start a list of all the books I’ve read to the kids over the years (chapter books) – but then I realized I couldn’t remember them all. But I’m going to start a list anyway, and if I remember more, I will add to it. It may never be complete.

  • Shadow Castle
  • My Father’s Dragon
  • Elmer and the Dragon
  • The Dragons of Blueland
  • Shadow Castle
  • The Little Prince
  • The Boxcar Children (read twice)
  • The BFG
  • The Mouse and the Motorcycle
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • The Trumpet of the Swan
  • Abe Lincoln at Last
  • How to Eat Fried Worms
  • Dear Mr. Henshaw (read about half way before I decided it was too mature for my littles)
  • Emily’s Runaway Imagination
  • Super Fudge
  • The Secret Garden
  • The Last Slice of Rainbow
  • Mandy
  • The Great Brain

3 comments on “The Books We Read

I love seeing what books you’ve been reading with your kids! The Abe Lincoln one is a Magic Tree House book, right? My kids love that series. Have you ever been on It’s a great website for tracking what you’re reading and for getting ideas from others you trust.

Andrea Post author

@Grandma, I LOVE Where the Red Fern Grows, but I think it’s a little too mature for my littles still . . . I remember the description of the kid falling on his axe, and I don’t think Calvin is ready for that.

@Michelle, yes, the Abe Lincoln book is a Magic Tree House one. It’s the only one we’ve read, but we’ve listened to a few others on CD in the car. I’ve heard of Goodreads, but I’ve never gotten onto it. I’m super weird about books and reading – and I very rarely find that I agree with other women about what qualifies as a “good book” – at least, for my personal reading. I’ve never considered using that site for children’s books before because I have a seemingly eternal list of books that I still want to read to the kiddos. But maybe I’ll take a look! Thanks for the suggestion!

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