Daddy, “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?”

On Tuesday we had sickness in the house – Olivia and Everett were down for the count, and I woke up with an eye infection.

Wyatt stayed home that morning for a few various reasons.

While he was home, I took the opportunity to go to the grocery store and eye doctor by myself.

When I came home, Wyatt told the following story —

In sheer exasperation, which only makes it more hilarious to all the moms out there.

Wyatt was home with all the littles for a couple hours. At one point he came in to the house to use the restroom. The door was closed, but Andrew just stood outside pounding on it, wanting Wyatt’s attention.

Wyatt, in deep frustration (I know, right? No mother of little children has used the restroom in quiet and peace since she became said mother!) kept telling Roo to go away, and let him have some privacy. (Again, ha ha ha!!!)

And finally Wyatt just said “Go away, Roo!”

And the next thing Wyatt knows, Andrew is down on the floor, singing under the crack in the door, serenading Wyatt with:

“Do you wanna build a snowman?
Come on, let’s go and play”

And Wyatt just felt sooooo frustrated/guilty/annoyed.

And as I listened to the story I felt so amused!

Classic Roo.

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