Summer: Day 1

Hiking the mountain
We started the day by hiking up to Timpanogos Cave. It’s 1 1/2 miles and 1000 foot climb. Roo did about half the hike before he would let us put him in the pack! All the kids did great – no complaining, no excessive needing to stop for breaks. It was a great kick off to summer, and we had so much fun!
At the cave entrance
We made it to the cave entrance! (I have to put this photo in because it’s the only one I’m in for the day!)
 heart of the cave
While hiking we told the kids stories – the history of how the caves were found, stories of our own hikes up there as children, and the legends of the cave. We told them the story of the Indian Princess Timpanogos, whose heart was buried in the mountain. This is the “heart of Timpanogos” stalagmyte.
Let summer begin
When we got home we told the kids they could play in the hose on the trampoline. It entertained them for the next two and a half hours!
Summer on the trampoline
There’s nothing like playing on a wet trampoline all afternoon.

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