Consistency Is Key


I started working on back to school dinner a couple weeks ago – I started with our theme painting. I spent several hours over a couple days working on this painting – but it never was working . . . right. Finally I put it on my piano to stew over it. The kids asked about our dinner, but that painting was haunting me, and I couldn’t figure out what to do.

Finally I decided to start over.


And so today, we had our back to school dinner – I put the whole thing together in one looong day. But it’s done. And it was fun, as always. And the kids were THRILLED (they all said how excited they were and how much fun this tradition is, which made me happy – things like that make the effort worth it). And Wyatt even suggested, unsolicited, that when we are old we shall have to have back-to-school-dinner for all the grand kids, and that thought made me very happy.

And so the effort was well worth it!


Our theme this year is:

“Consistency is Key”

For dinner we ate Lasagna, garlic bread, salad, corn on the cob (from the garden) and lemonade. For dessert we had peanut butter chocolate chunk cookies.


Wyatt talked to the kids about consistency – how it is the key to opening up our own success. We talked about things we want to be consistent at: piano practice, prayers, reading our scriptures, and doing our homework are just a few!


I kept the crowns simple this year – foam crowns with glitter-foam embellishments.


I made these cute felt flowers in pots, and then glued mini-clothes pins to the back and put in pictures of back to school dinners past. They were our centerpieces.


As a gift we gave each kid a skeleton key on a key chain that they can hang on their back pack to help them remember our theme.


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