Blessing Baby Nate

Today was Baby Nathaniel’s baby blessing.


Our Beloved Heavenly Father,

Having authority of the Holy Melchizedik Priesthood, we hold this infant in our arms to give him a name and a blessing. The name we have chosen is Nathaniel Grey Christensen.
At this time we also desire to give you a blessing. We bless you:
–to always be close to the spirit of Heavenly Father, your Savior and the Holy Ghost
–to have a deep and abiding testimony and a personal relationship with the Savior
–you will know that the commandments are the way to happiness
–to know in your heart that the programs of the Church are inspired
–that at the right ages you will be baptized and advance in the priesthood
–that you will be a joy to be around and exhibit happiness and light to those around you
–to have good friends and that you will be a good example to them and your family and others around you
–that you will serve a mission and have the ability to teach effectively the truths you hold in your heart
–when the time comes, you will go to the temple to be married in the temple for eternity, you will hold this as one of life’s greatest blessings
–your sweet personality and that it will bring people into your life who seek your friendship
–that you will have all the abilities you need to accomplish the things which your Heavenly Father desires you to do
–to have many other blessings, so be faithful and diligent in all that is asked
–to be happy and know that you are loved by many
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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