Something I learned from my children this Halloween

The weekend after Halloween was a sugary hangover of bliss. Candy and wrappers were everywhere, and everyone was jovial.

But one thing that struck me was the generosity of my children.

“Mom, have this!” they would exclaim, shoving a full sized candy bar onto my lap.

“Oh no, sweetie, you have it.” I would tell them.

“No mom, I want you to have it!” and then they would walk away content in their kindness, only to return with even more candy a few minutes later.

And the thing that struck me was that here are my sweet babies, totally dependent on the good will of the bigger people around them for their food, clothing, <em>and treats</em>. And yet even in their constant state of want they gave freely.

I too often am protective of my things (particularly my food) – “No” I will say to the child who wants a bite of my candy bar, “it’s for mommy.”

Yet if I did share, replacement is a simple task of buying another for me. My kids have no idea when abundance will come again into their lives. And yet they shared . . . <em>everything</em> . . . with me, with their dad, with each other. This must be part of what Christ was referring to when he commanded us to become as little children – willing to give, to share with each other all our blessings with no concern of their scarcity.

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