Olivia’s Birthday Party

Olivia had a fun autumn party – we had a scavenger hunt and a doughnut eating contest and played other fun games with some of her favorite friends (and brothers of course!)

Olivia wanted a Halloween themed party. (Easy enough!) I got brave and decided to have the party at our house instead of the church.

Our activities included:

  • A spooky scavenger hunt
  • Witches ring toss
  • Doughnut-on-a-string eating contest
  • Watching “The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”
  • Ice Cream and Cupcakes

The kids were all so cute. I remember when Olivia was little and I would invite all the kids in our ward that were in her grade and all the kids that were in her primary class (some of those kids were a grade ahead of Olivia) – we would have 14-15 kids at the parties. Now my ambition has waned and I try to limit the invites to one per year that she is turning. It’s interesting to see who she chooses. Of course a lot of the kids aren’t even in our ward. But some are. I can see the winds of “social grouping” are blowing, and Olivia has friends in many groups. It was very curious to me.

Anyway, her guests this year included:

  • Drake Fletcher
  • Noah Riplinger
  • Tyler Pierce
  • Bradon Reimann
  • Kennedy Reimann
  • Kira Jackson
  • Kate McGlincy
  • Hannah ???

We missed her friend Sophia.

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