I Got This

Today was the primary program. Olivia had a piano solo, a group singing solo and two parts. (It’s the Olivia Show I told her when she told me of her participation. She only smiled.)

And of course the boys had parts of well. Everyone did really well. Olivia forgot part of one of her parts, but instead of panicking, calmly turned to the primary president for help. When Calvin went to give his part, the microphone went bonkers with screeching and noise. He waited calmly for it to stop, then started over again, giving his part clearly and confidently.

And when Everett stood for his part, the Primary President, Sister Hatch, leaned in to whisper in his ear. He looked at her with his eyes but did not move his face (thus the conversation was picked up by the microphone.) “No, no,” he said. “I know it. I got this!”

Sister Hatch, adequately reproved, sat back down. And Everett gave his part with all the confidence of a boy who, indeed, “got this.”

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