Garden Notes 2015 – The Back Flower Beds

I stuck to my original plan and only planted seeds in my back beds. I was going to be ambitious and plant all three sides of my yard with flowers – about 175 ft x 4 feet . . . I need a lot of seeds.

I was about to buy 1lb quantities off the internet . . . then I found a wholesaler to the public here in Salt Lake. But they sold in 1 oz quantities. (1 oz = 1/16 of a lb). It didn’t seem like it would be enough. Then I asked: how many seeds are in an oz (of zinnia seeds) . . .

Approximately 4000 they told me. And then I laughed. Can you imagine if I had bought a pound off the internet? HAHAHAHAHA

Del Sol Sunflower
Sensation Mix Cosmos


California Giants Zinnias

Anyhoo, when I was planning my garden I was going to do all different types of flowers. But it ended up just being Zinnia’s (California Giant Mix, Mountain Valley Seed Company) and Cosmos (Sensation Mix, MVSC)(Seashells Mix, Burpee)(Rubenza, Burpee)(Gazebo Mix, Burpee) and Sunflowers (Del Sol Hybrid, Burpee)

Along my back bed I did two rows of alternating sunflowers (these sunflowers are only 5-6 feet, my first time not planting giants!), then a row of cosmos, a row of zinnias, another row of cosmos, and another row of zinnias.

Along the side yards I planted fanning semicircles of zinnias alternating with cosmos.


Oh, I did plant a flat of petunia’s along the railing around the hole – purples, whites and reds.

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