Pioneer Stories While We Hiked Timp


Last summer we took the kids on a hike up to Timp Cave. The hike itself went incredibly smoothly considering we were taking 4 young children while I was seven months pregnant.

But towards the end, as we were hiking down, and nearly to the bottom, the kids were starting to get . . . a little whiney.

And so I did what I do . . . I told them stories to distract them.

I told them pioneer stories . . . ones I had heard and learned over the years.

The thing is, as I was telling the stories, I could barely get through them . . . the spirit was SO strong in testifying to me of the legacy and miracle of our pioneer heritage. I was choking up on the trail as I tried to convey the beauty and power of each story.

And little Everett, he asked over and over for the stories. I told them again and again as best I could.

And then, finally we made it to the bottom of the trail. We packed up. We went home. I remembered that sweet spirit, and those wonderful last moments on that hot summer day all year.

Then . . . just yesterday, Sunday, May 24th, 2015, we were at the cabin.¬†We watched the new VHS tape we got at the D.I. earlier in the week – Legacy. And . . . I kid you not, 15 seconds before we got to the miracle of the healing of the oxen, Everett asked: “Are the cows going to die, and then they pray that they will be healed, and they get all better?”

. . . This was a remembrance of the story I told him last summer on our hike . . . and then just as he asked, the movie came to that part.

It was so neat to have him remember those stories that I told that day. I know the spirit testified to me of those miracles. I only hope my children also received testimonies of those events.

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