Calvin Can Do It


On Sundays Wyatt takes the kids to Primary while I stay behind and clean up the bench (which always looks like a bomb went off).

One Sunday he came back into the chapel, where I was just finishing stuffing the diaper bag with the crumpled papers and crayon remains.

“Did you know Calvin has a talk today?” he asked.

How did I forget that? I wondered. Then . . . did I know? I didn’t remember a note from the primary . . . wait . . . 

So we walked down to the Primary room and stood in the back during opening exercises, watching Calvin give a message from the Friend.


Later that day Wyatt told me the Primary President had told him . . .

Calvin hadn’t been assigned to give a talk. Instead, the child who was to give the talk was absent that day. As she discussed the predicament with another primary worker, Calvin overheard and volunteered to help her out.

But did he need help? she asked.

No, he reassured her. He would be fine. He got out a Friend from Olivia’s church bag (she brings half a dozen issues to church every week), looked for an appropriate story and message, and was well prepared when the time came for him to give his talk to the other children . . . 10 minutes later.


This story made both Wyatt and I chuckle. It’s just so typical of Calvin . . .

  • competent
  • capable
  • confident
  • helpful


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