Oh, Zion!

In celebration of Calvin and Nate’s birthday’s we decided to head downtown for some fun family activities.

First on our list was Hike Ensign Peak. It’s been on our Summer Activities list all summer, and we figured it would be an easy climb for our kids who are used to hiking.

But we also recognized that it was July 31st in Utah . . . um, HOT! So we figured we’d better be on the mountain by 10 am. When we got on the trail a little after noon¬†. . . well, we were in for it.


For the most part, the kids did great; and we did make it to the top, telling Pioneer stories and church history all along the way. But we did have to stop every chance we could to sit in the shade. Even the kids were a little whiny (and they are less prone to whine than their parents (it’s true) in physically uncomfortable conditions).

The best moment on the whole hike was when Wyatt tried to encourage the kids: “It’s like I always say . . . a little heat never hurt anyone!” I laughed and laughed and laughed!

But we made it to the top. Hoo-ray for us! We looked over the valley, talked about Brigham Young, tried to imagine what the saints went through in coming to the valley, and even sang “High On A Mountain Top.” After about four minutes, we high-tailed it back down the mountain to go find some air-conditioning!

Next stop, the Family Search Center in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Calvin has been touched by the spirit of Elijah, and is all sorts of into family history. He’s working on memorizing his entire lineage back to Adam. (Don’t believe me, just ask him, he’ll recite five or six generations for you, dates and all!) IMG_0004So we thought he would enjoy seeing the neat activities they had down there. Unfortunately we didn’t think to ¬†call ahead and make an appointment, and the place was swamped with Youth Groups, so we didn’t get to see or do the extra cool stuff. But still, a missionary sat down with Calvin and registered him for his very own Family Search account, which he was more than thrilled over. And we were able to play in some of the fun areas they have set up for kids. YourPhoto

It was a very fun Birthday Family Activity!

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