Joy in the Journey

joyinthejourneyAs I prepared for our back-to-school dinner, the theme that came to me was “Joy in the Journey.” I think it was an EFY theme one year, but as I researched it, I didn’t find anything about EFY, but instead this talk. It was PERFECT, perfect for us. Most especially perfect for Wyatt and I who have been feeling a little thin on our capacities (can you say, overloaded?)

And I made a bouquet with cosmos and zinnias from the garden.

So I set about preparing for our dinner. I was going to make a design-y picture of our theme this year instead of a painting because my paintings are, let’s be honest, a little girly. And I’m raising one beautiful daughter, and four rough-and-tumble boys. I thought we could skew things a little boyish this year. But I couldn’t get a design that was really working for me. Then I took this cool picture of Everett on our hike to the lake, and wa-la, I knew it would be perfect for our theme and dinner. DSC_8371I made the crowns out of posterboard and wheat-grass that I cut from the canal behind my house and hot-glued on and then spray-painted and glued a gold ribbon around. Simple, easy. DSC_8379I kept dinner simple. Chicken, garden veggies, roasted potatoes, and lemonade. I made a bouquet with Cosmos from the garden. We had dinner, Dad and I talked about what it meant to have Joy in the Journey, and Wyatt gave the children very special father’s blessings for back to school. DSC_8387

It was a very nice evening!

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