Olivia’s Birthday Party

10th Birthday Pary Invitation

Olivia really wanted to have a birthday party at the cabin this year. Wyatt stayed home with the boys and I took Olivia and four friends up for a day of woodsy day of fun!

At the cabin Olivia showed her friends all her forts, fairy houses, and fun places to play. We went to the pavilion and painted little tents that I made for each girl. We went on a hike around the lake. We ate S’more’s cupcakes, had chili and Fritos for dinner, and watched Rigoletto before packing it up to come home. Olivia was worried there wouldn’t be enough time to do everything she wanted to, and I thought surely we’d be bored (the party was 12-7. Well, Olivia was right. We rushed from one activity to the next, and never did make it down to the river. FUN DAY!


Smore’s Cupcake with Moose Tracks ice cream. Smore cupcake was a brownie cupcake with marshmallow creme frosting and a mini smore on top.
Opening up presents. Yay!



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