The Building of the Shed

In the September of 2014 Wyatt decided, almost on a whim, to build a shed. I say almost on a whim because while we had discussed the need for a shed since we bought the cabin, we were there on our “romantic anniversary getaway” when Wyatt decided to call his brother up, and invite him up for the weekend to hurry and frame in a shed. After all, it would only take a couple days 😉 It was finished in October.

But it has been nice to have a place to put everything. We joke that the shed is as big as the cabin. It’s not. But because of how it’s built into the hill, it looks almost as big.

I took this time lapse video of the guys that first weekend (of what turned out to be about a month project) getting the initial framing done. It’s fun to have little videos of things like this to see how far the cabin has come since we first bought it. We’ve added a bathroom, completely gutted and remodeled the kitchen, and built the shed. We still have lots of big plans for our little place – this year it’s the tree house and maybe a summer kitchen!

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