Provo City Center Temple Sculpture Closeup Print
Because of how the parking worked out, we weren’t ever on the outside of the temple. Because of that we have no pictures of us there. 🙁


On Friday we went to the Provo City Center Temple open house. It was amazing and beautiful and wonderful to be there with my whole family even if the littles were struggling with being reverent and not climb on everything.

The amazing stair case up the center of the temple. This photo doesn’t even do this justice, it was sooooooooo beautiful!


Entry desk – the front entry into the temple.


Brides room – where Brides get dressed and ready for their wedding.


Afterward we tried to go the Norman Rockwell show at the MOA (the tickets were all sold out by the time I got around to looking). They didn’t have any stand by tickets at a time we could go with the kids.

This is the print we bought. I thought it would be perfect for either the cabin or the boys’ room.
1952... 'A Day in the Life of a Little Girl' - by Norman Rockwell
I want this poster for Olivia’s room too.

But we were able to go later that night on our date night. It was so fun to see his artwork and illustrations. I’ve decided I wouldn’t mind becoming a collector. In fact, we bought one print and one coffee table book while we were there. So fun!

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