“Take a picture of the heart pancakes so we know we did something fun on your blog!” Wyatt told me.
But my phone was almost dead. So I took a picture of Nato first. And then my phone died.
No pictures of heart shaped pink pancakes. 😉


Sunday was Valentines Day.❤ We celebrated with heart shaped pink pancakes and sausage and OJ for breakfast. We also gave each lovely a box of chocolates. XOXOX Love those little valentines!

Wyatt also gave me some beautiful roses.🌹

This photo was taken the day Wyatt was put into the Bishopric. Now he gets to sit by us during Sacrament – he’s never sat by all five kids! This adjustment will be thoroughly entertaining to watch!

Today Wyatt was released from the Bishopric and sustained into the High Council.

Two weeks ago Wyatt got a text asking him to meet with the Stake President. “You’re getting released” we both concluded. And left it at that.

Except that he was asked to meet on Thursday, and we already had a babysitter and arrangements to go to the temple that day.

So we figured we’d just have to hurry.

But we were late. So when Wyatt called to let President know that we were rushing straight there from the temple, they asked that I come along to the meeting as well.

Meeting with President Crandall was interesting. He said he wasn’t there to release Wyatt, just wanted to talk with him about some stake business that he would ask for Wyatt’s input and aid in. But then since I was there, and also because of some of the conversation in our meeting, he took it as an opportunity to extend a call that he previously hadn’t anticipated making that night (although he said he’d been trying to talk Bishop Trelease into letting him go for about 3 months). “A ram in the bush” he said.

As we reflected over Wyatt’s time in the Bishopric, we felt very blessed. We were able to accomplish huge life goals that previously, even with consistent effort, we hadn’t been able to meet. I don’t believe the Lord blesses others with less blessings, just because they have different callings or whatever. But I do believe the Lord blessed us in our goals because we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to maybe meet due to the Bishopric obligations.  What I’m saying is that serving in the Bishopric didn’t make our way more narrow, rather it opened it up to greater opportunities. The Lord works that way – what seems big, insurmountable, or restrictive always proves to be the narrow path to a wide valley flowing with milk and honey.

Anyhow, we felt humbled as we took stock of how far we’ve come in just the four short years of this calling.

Wyatt is looking forward to High Council. President Crandall told Wyatt his initial assignments would be to help the Stake Presidency with the project they initially called him in to discuss, to work directly with the Stake Presidency in planning and preparing for all Stake led meetings (conferences, leadership trainings, etc.), and also to manage the calendar for the stake (somehow someone got the idea that Wyatt is organized, ha ha ha!)


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