Girls Weekend

Olivia has told me all winter that she was really looking forward to our special girls weekend. But when spring break came and we were WAAAAY too busy (well, Wyatt was too busy – remember this) to get out of town.

Olivia was worried it wouldn’t happen. Frankly, I didn’t have much hope either. Finally instead of asking me she went straight to her daddy. She told him how disappointed she would be if we missed our annual trip. He said we’d better do it then!

So we went to St. George. We left on a Friday afternoon and came home Sunday morning before church. We packed a whole lot of fun in that short time though. Some things we did:

  • Played with our cousins
  • Went to dinner at a Hawaiian cafe
  • Went shoe shopping, Olivia got these:

Mint Green Converse Shoes

  • Went out to ride the horses, got caught in a wind storm and did not ride the horses
  • Went hiking at the Red Cliffs – see pictures:




  • ¬†Went to dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe – Olivia’s favorite resturaunt!
  • Went to Aunt Karen’s to make a fun flip-flop art project of Olivia’s desire!

As you can see we had a great time! I’m so glad we’ve started this fun tradition!

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