Sunday – The Book of Mormon

Last winter I was awake in the early hours with a little one. As I rocked the baby in the pink-grey light, I really tried to meditate on the things that challenge me.

One thing I worried about was how to guide my children in the gospel. How would I protect and fortify their growing testimonies against the palpable darkness that is permeating all around me?

So that morning I listened to the creak of the rocker, and prayed about how to guide my children. And the answer came clearly: The Book of Mormon.

I told Wyatt about that impression. The Book of Mormon would be the key to giving my children sound doctrinal testimonies of the gospel that will anchor them to the Church of Jesus Christ. Even when others have testimonies that waver and question and doubt, those who have real understanding and knowledge of the Book of Mormon will be able to withstand. It was such a clear and simple, and powerful answer. And I instantly recognized both the simple truth and the great obviousness of it. It has renewed my commitment to our scripture reading with the littles.

This week I saw this, and it reminded me of that early morning answer.

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No other answer could be more complete. I hope you’re able to instill into each one of them a burning love for that book. I wish you’d share that testimony you have of that book with each one of your nieces and nephews when the family gets together each year so the book can come alive for everyone. A testimony and love of that book is the chain to safety for all of us. Not a long-distance love, but a daily one.

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