4th of July Weekend

DSC_0198DSC_0200DSC_02044th of July weekend was a bit mixed up. We went to the Rodeo on Friday night, and then because our friend Kirtland was getting baptized bright and early Saturday morning, we didn’t spend Saturday at the cabin. Instead, after the baptism we puttered around the house until that evening our friends the Dooms came over and the kids watched a movie while the adults sat and chatted. Sunday after church we headed back to the cabin for a day of R&R – we spent Monday at the river and playing around at the cabin. Monday evening we went to BBQ at the Engh’s house and then back to our house for some street fireworks. DSC_0149DSC_0158DSC_0171DSC_0090DSC_0097DSC_0110DSC_0121DSC_0079

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