Those Heavenly Days

On Friday Wyatt was out of town, and my mom was in town. We decided to head up to the cabin for the day.

At one point Nate fell asleep and mom agreed to stay in the cabin to watch him, while I took the littles down to the river.

And so we went. I sat on the steps, and the kids just played so happy amongst themselves. Andrew and Everett dredged the bottom of the river for new sticks and rocks to paint later. And Olivia and Calvin took turns jumping off the bridge.

We were the only ones there in the whole cabin association. No one even drove by. I just sat there in the sun, listening to the happy chatter of my littles, and the background roar of the river rushing by.

It was so, so peaceful. It was a perfect afternoon.

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Auntie Carrie

Your blog brings me such happiness!! And it really makes me miss you guys. I hope Ben and I can make it up to the cabin with you guys sometime this year while it’s still warm enough to swim.

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