Happy Birthday Nathaniel!

Olivia made Nate ice-cream-cone-cupcakes.

Two days after Calvin’s birthday we get to celebrate Nate’s birthday.

We’re so glad Nate is in our family. He is constantly charming us with his ADORABLENESS! We think he’s so sweet.

Things I love about Nate-O when he turned 2:

He still doesn’t really talk, but in the past few weeks he’s started trying a few words. He still mostly grunts and smiles to communicate, but at least he’s decided that repeating words can be a fun game . . . when he feels like it.

I LOVE that he sucks his thumb. A lot of mom’s fret about the long term implications of this, but as my fifth baby I’m kinda past that stage. I just think he’s so stinking cute with that little thumb in his mouth.

I love his good nature. He is a super easy going kid. Long car drive, no problem. Late night, no problem. Busy day, noooo problem.

But the only thing that does get him upset is when he sees his older brothers and sister out doing something and I don’t let him participate. In his mind he is the biggest of all the kids, and able to be right in the thick of it with all of them. Climbing, jumping, swimming, what-have-you, he wants to not only participate, but lead the group!

He’s a sweet little boo, and I’m so happy he’s mine! LOVE YOU NATHANIEL GREY!

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