You MAKE US Play Outside


One afternoon I needed some stuff that was at the cabin. I didn’t have all day, so we just ran a quick errand to get it. When we got there we had just a half hour before I’d have to leave to get home in time to get Calvin off to scouts.

As we pulled into the cabin gate, Everett lamented his childhood. His voice cracked and tears fell as heĀ moaned: “Mom, you make us play outside. It’s just not fair.” Then he expounded on all the neat inside things he’d rather do. His complaints fell on deaf, though bemused, ears.

I do, indeed, make them play outside.

And on that particular day we spent half an hour catching frogs at the lake before having to turn around and head back home.


All the kids got muddy trying to catch frogs.
This dragonfly wing was glistening in the sun in the grass. It’s been added to our nature shelf at the cabin. I know I can use it for a fabulous art project someday.
The little baby frogs are out now, which means there’s so many more frogs!

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