Everett’s 7th Birthday

Opening gifts at his birthday party

Today is Everett’s 7th Birthday! I can’t believe he’s only seven. I really don’t remember life without that sweet boy.

Observations about Ev: I really feel like he has the most gigantic soul of anyone I know. He is so in tune to the people and things around him. He feels things before anyone else even knows there’s something to be felt. He has so much goodness in him. He is a friend and a gift giver and truely loves people. I went to parent-teacher-conference for him last week, and his teacher handed me a $1 bill, saying Everett had brought it to school, saying it was his tooth fairy money. He insisted on giving it to her as a special gift for her. She said it melted her heart. Even though she tried to refuse the gift, he was so insistent. I just thought – yeah, that sounds like him.

Everett chose this shirt for the first day of school after I told him what the shirt said. He thought that was a fair description of himself. I could not agree more.

If I give him responsibility, he takes it very seriously. Because he really seems to thrive off being trusted and responsible, I try to make him in charge as much as I can . . . usually just of himself, but he still takes that very seriously. He enjoys giving reports on his good behavior.

Everett is really just the sweetest thing. When I think of him I think of a soft squishy sponge – squeeze even just a little and the juices from the inside will spill out (like tears). I love this boy.

This photo captures the essence of Everett – tears of heart felt life at any given moment. KISSSSSSS

For his birthday we celebrated all week. I let him choose dinners through out the week, I let him help me with special chores and run extra errands with me. Wyatt took him on a boys night out, and we had a birthday party for him over at the church.

Everett’s Birthday Party, left to right: Calvin, Drake Randall, Everett, Jace Reimann, Kiera Herscher, Eric Pierson, Andrew, Chloe McGlincey, Brynn Sjoblom, Malia Jackson, Kiera Engh

We also had cinnamon rolls for breakfast on his birthday, and we had ice cream and cake as a family. LOVE THAT BOY!

We always open presents first thing in the morning on birthdays.
Since Ev’s birthday was a Saturday this year, the kids had all day to lounge around and play with his loot.

We played a wild game of pin the smile on the pumpkin.
We colored velvet posters from the dollar store (this entertained the kids, no joke, for about a half hour. They were into it!
Of course, cup cakes and ice cream.
And gifts.

And candy from a piniata. So much fun.
Everett is starting to read so we got him a whole slew of books: Pete the Cat Collection; Captain Underpants Collection, The Boy’s Book: How to be the Best at Everything; Pokemon Sticker book; a large lot of Pokemon cards; Bulbasaur (Pokemon) action figures; a train pencil sharpener (the kids LOVE mine, and are always stealing it away, so I knew Ev’s little artist heart would love having one of his own); a box of pencils (to sharpen of course); some paint, brushes and colored pencils. Happy Birthday Everett!


And a Side Note about the Birthday Party:

We had the birthday party over at the church, just like countless others we’ve had through the years. As we were setting up Wyatt and I discussed how eerie it felt to be throwing what we knew would be the last birthday party in the Greenfield chapel. It was such a strange feeling as I thought of all my babies birthday’s I’ve celebrated over there.

Thank goodness the Lord let’s us have our parties at His house so I don’t have to clean mine 😉

And now, a look back at the birthday parties held over at the church through the years . . .

Everett’s 7th Birthday, October, 2016
Andrew’s 5th Birthday, August 2016

Calvin’s 8th Birthday, July 2015
Everett’s 5th Birthday Party, 2014

Calvin’s 7th Birthday, 2014
Calvin’s 6th Birthday, 2013

Olivia’s 5th Birthday, 2010
IMG_6865 copy
Olivia’s 3rd Birthday, 2008

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