Olivia’s Birthday

Of all the things that have happened the past couple months, nothing is more imperative to remember forever than my kids birthdays.

So let’s talk about Olivia’s birthday.

Her big day came on the Friday after we moved. In trying to be sensitive to the challenges of moving for our kids, we were a little more indulgent than we usually are, and let Olivia invite an unspecified number of friends to celebrate with her. She decided she wanted to invite friends both old and new to our house to watch a movie and have pizza.

The party was simple, but I think the girls really had a good time. Olivia switched schools back in September, so it was the first time seeing some of her old friends in several weeks.  It was also the first time for Wyatt and I to meet some of her new friends.

Happy Birthday Olivia! What a sparkle of Sunshine you are to us!





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