Fall Recap

There certainly was a lot going on last fall! Here are just a few pics to recap some of the happenings.

We started going to the Temple every Sunday night to walk around and have treats. Hopefully when the weather gets warmer will pick this tradition back up.
Olivia has decided to learn how to cook. This means I come into the kitchen to find her “experimenting.” This was her attempting to make pancakes in the oven.

For Olivia’s birthday I checked her out of school and took her to lunch at Mimi’s Cafe. She declared it her new favorite restaurant.
We spent one fall afternoon at Hee-Haw’s in American Fork with Grandma C., Melinda et. al. and Carrie and Avery.

At Hee-Haws the kids got to pick their own pumpkins from the patch. (And Everett gathered sunflower seeds from the giant sunflowers.)
Did I mention we moved?

Moving meant new beginings. Roo started at a new preschool with Mrs. King.
Moving also meant leaving familiar things behind . . . like Ridgecrest Elementary. The teachers were SOOOO sad to see Olivia go.

And this is a picture of Calvin and his buddies on his last day at Ridgecrest.
One night Nate put his tooth right through his lip. It went in on one side and came out the other side. Of course it was after hours, and the instacare wouldn’t treat such a little guy. And so I spent the evening at Primary Children’s with the boys (did I mention Wyatt and Olivia were gone overnight to the cabin?) They decided no stitches though. Just popsicles.

Andrew and Nate helped Wyatt and I shut down the cabin for the winter. Afterwards we went to the Diner for lunch.
We live really really close to the Lone Peak trail head. So one day we went on a fall hike.

Moving in the last week of October meant we had to hurry to get the yard cleaned up before the snow! We had to clean out the entire garden area. I’m pleased to say it’s clean and ready for spring planting.
When the kids tell me their bored I always give them a chore to do. 1) This keeps them out of my hair. 2) I am unapologetic: we are a family that works.

Andrew was THE CUTEST little Thanksgiving Indian (And he had an alternate pilgrim costume) that ever did miss the preschool program. Unfortunately he had strep throat the day of the program and he wasn’t able to sing. He was SO disappointed. Me too!

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