Happy Halloween! (In February!)

Here are some pictures of our first Halloween at Summer Downs.

DSC_1566DSC_1572 ⇧ These are from Halloween Night – about to go out trick-or-treating. We found out it’s just like the old neighborhood . . . we weren’t three doors down before we met up with a huge group and we all walked together.


DSC_1562DSC_1561 ⇧ These are from our first Draper Elementary Halloween Parade. IMG_9218   ⇧ Andrew is ready for his Halloween party at preschool.Untitled

⇧ Everett is still at Ridgecrest Elementary, so he had his Halloween parade there.
DSC_1544DSC_1541DSC_1538DSC_1536  ⇧ The Cub Scouts put on a fantastic Halloween Festival. There were games and face painting and a spook alley. It was great!Untitled


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