Sledding at the Cabin




My favorite day of the winter – the day we all pack up in our warmest snow gear and head up to the cabin. We load up our sleds with food and supplies and a small child or two, and pull it all in from the parking lot up the hill to the cabin.

DSC_1734Once inside kids ooh and ah at the Christmas tree that Santa has brought us, and eagerly unwrap the few presents he brings to us there . . . a fun left over of Christmas the week before. DSC_1885


DSC_1704Then everyone cuddles under the electric blankets while Daddy starts a fire in the big wood burning stove. It doesn’t take long for the cabin to get cozy and warm. DSC_1713


We sled, we eat chili and drink hot chocolate. We watch movies and play games. The afternoon slips away into the purple light of evening when we pack everything back into the sleds, add a small child or two, and hike back down to the parking lot for the cozy drive home.




One of my favorite days of the year.

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