Spring Projects

This spring we got itching to get going on something. Since the house is a bit more involved of a process, we decided to set to work on the yard.

Unfortunately it’s been a really cold cold wet wet spring, and things haven’t exactly gone smoothly. Still, we’ve been able to get a fair amount done in the past several months.

  1. Tore out all the big bushes that had completely overgrown and overrun the yard,
  2. Poured concrete down the back of the garage
  3. Built a garden box along the wall we put in last fall with left over cinderblock
  4. Planted 10 trees –
    1. 3 Chantaclear Pear
    2. 3 Autumn Blaze Maple
    3. 1 London Plane Sycamore
    4. 1 Rose Marie Magnolia
    5. 1 Kwanzan Cherry
    6. 1 Pink Flowering Dogwood
  5. Diagnosed, fixed and modified the sprinkler system.
  6. Painted the pillars along the property in preparation for a fence.

Still to come:
-Build a bed and plant lilacs
– Build the fence
-Put in the Garden
-Put our sights on the deck.

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