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The Start of Summer

One big problem that I haven’t figured out the solution to yet is busyness.

How do I not run every day from one activity to the other while still providing opportunities for my children to grow, memories to bind us together as a family, and keep our household and lives running smoothly?

If you know, please tell me.

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A Very Sad Day

Our sweet puppy, Maverick, got very sick. We figured he ate something (he was always eating socks and other things on the floor) and was having trouble passing it. We waited for a few days to see if he would get better. Finally we took him into the vet. ┬áHe was really so sick. At…

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The End of An Era

We limped most painfully along to the end of the school year. On the Sunday before Memorial day ( two weeks before the official dismissal of school) I told the kids that if they didn’t want to go to school I wouldn’t make them. No one took me up on that though. I just never…

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Summer Chores

Here’s a sampling of the chore charts I’ve made for the summer, as well as “Cleaning Cards” that will get framed and put in each room so the kids know to what standard I expect things to be done. The kids are pretty darn good at picking things up, and even vacuuming and sweeping. But…

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Unto Us A Dream

On the 15th of May I received a text message from my mom: Uncle Bob had a stroke the evening before. Things looked good though. They were able to get him to the hospital fairly quickly. She’d keep us up to date, but there was little we could do but wait for the time being.…

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