The Start of Summer

One big problem that I haven’t figured out the solution to yet is busyness.

How do I not run every day from one activity to the other while still providing opportunities for my children to grow, memories to bind us together as a family, and keep our household and lives running smoothly?

If you know, please tell me.

In the mean time – we’re roughly 3 weeks into summer. Here are a few memories so far:

With our 9 passenger suburban we can take friends with us to the cabin. On this day we took up a couple extra kid-o’s to catch frogs and have fun with us! PS- Notice Maverick in the upper left picture 🙁
Calvin finished up baseball with a batting derby. It was fun, and Cal got some really good hits!
I got to spend a day up at scout camp with the boys. It was so much fun!

We discovered another park in Draper. It’s a lot of fun.

Everett started baseball for the summer, and Roo drew him this wonderful picture in excitement for him.
We got a pool pass to the Draper pool for the summer. Draper pool is beautiful – on one side you can see the mountains, on the other side you can see the valley. They play great music over the loudspeakers (life needs background music!) And there are lots of shade awnings for sitting under. But . . . the pool is kinda lame – there’s no slides or play equipment for the little kids, no, waterslides – nothing but water. I guess the kids will get really good at just swimming.

Olivia and Nate got matching tattoos and took selfies to preserve the evidence.


Everett got braces. Whaaaaaa? Seriously!

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