Draper Dayyyyys

One thing we were super excited for this year was Draper Days.

It’s the town celebration, and it’s held in the park right next to my house!

This meant we didn’t have to fight traffic or search for parking. We walked back and forth to the events. When we were bored/hot/tired we went home. When we were eager/curious/interested we went over.

Wyatt put Ol’ Blue in the car show.

The kids had a great time on all the little carnival rides.


And I sat quietly in the shade and managed drinks and treats for everyone.

The Draper Days were fun, but the Draper nights . . .

They put on two free concerts. Did you hear me people? TWO FREE CONCERTS.

And not just local teenage bands for the public to suffer through. Real, legit music shows came in.

My favorite was Lonestar because they sang some awesome covers of some of my favorite songs ever (how did they know all my favorite 70’s folk rock?!)

And the next night was Journey.


It was a ton of fun to sit in the park and listen to the fun bands rock out. And then we walked home and the town launched fireworks in the field right behind my house! So we sat on our deck upstairs and just watched the blaze of color light up the sky. It was so fun.

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