Sheriff Fluff Fluff

As we were driving home from our great American Road Trip, I saw on IG that a friend of mine had one puppy left in her litter of Golden-Doodles. “Do you want to go look at it?” I asked Wyatt? I really didn’t want another dog after Maverick, but going to that dog training place in Oregon on our trip had made me start thinking that maybe we should . . . again.

By the time we got home two days later the puppy was sold.

“I’m going to . . . ” something or other for the evening. I don’t remember what. Relief Society? A bridal shower? I can’t remember.

But by the time I got home Wyatt had found two more litters on KSL, gone to see one of the puppies already, and told the seller that he would be back in the morning.

The next morning we went to see the little pup Wyatt had fallen for.

She was indeed a sweet heart.

And that is how Sheriff Fluff Fluff came into our lives.

Sheriff’s KSL Mug Shot
When we first brought her home.
In the back yard.


Off to play and chase.

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