By Small and Simple Things – Back to School Dinner 2017

For our back to school dinner this year our theme was

“By Small and Simple Things are Great Things Brought to Pass”

Somehow I always choose themes that are great lessons for kids, but clearly things I need to work on.

This year we are going to focus on doing the little things each day, not worrying about perfection, but knowing that these little efforts will create perfection without our having to kill ourselves over it.

Haha – for me, right?

Here are some pictures from our dinner this year.

Olivia helped me a lot with the food this year. She suggested lasagna with garlic bread and salad, and then for desert she made the super yummy (I’m dying they’re so good) chocolate souffles served a’la mode. YUM!

As a special little gift I made each of the kids tins with our theme on them. Inside I put a yummy treat for them to take with them on their first day of school. (Because, let’s be honest, the treat won’t last longer than that!)






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