A&W 16 Years

For our anniversary this year Wyatt went all out and took me to San Diego for the U2 Joshua Tree concert. I was super excited to go! While we were there we also did a ton of other fun stuff as it popped into our head (we really didn’t have any plans for the weekend besides the concert, but man oh man did we pack it in!)

But oops! We ordered what we thought were just a couple small appetizers to share. It turned out to be WAY too much food. So we packed some up and went outside to find someone who might appreciate it.

We flew down on Thursday. We went to the beach and walked around the gas lamp district. That evening we went to a Padre’s game. FUN!

Sunset over the San Diego bay.

Padres Game

At the Gas Lamp district.

The next day we spend the bulk of the day at the USS Missouri Battleship museum. We love history and WWII, so this was a lot of fun for us. After that we went to the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center and Museum, we LOVE church history, so that was a lot of fun too. That evening we went to the concert! YAY!!!!!








Saturday- you won’t believe this – we went to Disneyland! By ourselves! With no kids. It was a lot of fun. We ran all over the park hitting all the big rides, eating in the park, doing things we never do when kids are with us. It was a great time.

But I will say, Disneyland is MORE AWESOME when you have five kids with you.




But it was such a fun weekend.

The next morning we flew home.

Thank you Wyatt for such a memorable jam-packed weekend.

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