Solving a Mystery

One quiet afternoon the most mysterious letter was delivered by post, addressed to the children:

It was the craziest thing! And enclosed with the letter was a clue that started us on a great adventure that took us all over the house, to the library and the park, to neighbor’s yards, and even to a restaurant in Lehi. It was so fun to figure out the clues, and race off to see if we had figured out the mystery. In the end, the big reveal was that we – the Christensen family – are going to Thailand in November!

Each of the clues looked very old and worn. This was the second-to-last clue that took us to a Thai Restaurant in Lehi. The last clue came with our dinner-
The kids reading the mysterious letter that arrived in the mail.
The first clue led us to the swing outside, where we found a CD of “The Duck Song” taped to the bottom.
Deciphering a clue.
One of the clues was hidden inside a book at the Draper Library. The kids had to figure out where to go next from there.

One of the clues was hidden at the Tree of Life at the Draper park. The kids raced off on their bikes, and by the time Wyatt and I caught up, they had found the clue, figured it out and were ready to race off to the next location.
I made the kids stop for one second to take a picture – though they were raring to go!
One clue was found behind a shutter on the neighbors porch!
When we got to the restuarant we were instructed to unscramble some letters. It took us a while to figure out what the letters spelled.
Don’t mind my blurry phone pictures.
I think Everett was upset because he thought it was going to spell “Disneyland” instead of Thailand.
When Olivia found out, she just laughed and laughed and laughed. She thought it was a big joke.


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