The Bunny Story

When school went back in (August) I thought – “Ok, time to get rid of the bunnies.”

I didn’t want to take care of them through the winter. I figured it would be a seasonal thing for us (don’t judge me!).

So I listed them on KSL – for free.

But no one responded. Not one.

But life was busy, so I didn’t think about it again until it turned cold in mid October. Then I decided I better relist them.

Again, for free.

In the description for the add, I listed two bunnies that were the same gender since they had been raised in the cage together for 6 months and had never had babies. Also, very sweet and docile. Totally true.

And again, no one called or responded . . . for about two weeks.

And then this:


I didn’t want to get rid of one bunny and still be stuck with another one. They either needed to both go, or neither of them go.

But then the guy said he would take them. So . . .

The next morning a teenage boy and his buddy show up – for a second Wyatt thought he was being punked. But then the boy said his dad sent him to get the bunnies. They were for his sister for her birthday.

Ok. Of course, being teenage boys, they didn’t bring a box or anything to carry the bunnies with. So . . . we got him a box, loaded up the bunnies, loaded up some food, and sent them on their way.

And that was the end of it . . . I thought.

Until I received a text THE VERY NEXT DAY!! while changing in the locker room at the Temple the next day. It made me laugh out loud. Soooooo FUNNY!


Hahahahahaha! We dodged that bullet by the hair of our chin!

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